Monday, 11 May 2009

Champions League Semi - Final Results

What a Semi - Final!!!!!!!!!!It was amazing.Very intresting,some teams broken,some teams delighted.Results are here

Arsenal 1 vs 3 Manchester United
Van Persie 75.[pen] Park 8
Ronaldo 11’, 61

Chelsea 1 vs 1 Barcelona
Essien 9 Iniesta 90

All the Semi - Final Results for the 2nd leg.Manchester crushed the Gunners at the Emirates Stadium with a 3-1 win.
Chelsea scored 1st and looked like they were going to win but the Mighty Iniesta won by a Away Goal in the last minute,You did it again Iniesta.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Premier League Results

The Premier League matches start on Sunday.1st match Manchester United faced Boro but Boro could not beat the Red Devils.The 6 matches started at the same time so let me start with the Gunners and Pompey,Arsenal youngsters were just too good for Portsmouth with a crushing deafeat of 3-0.Next Stoke and West Ham compete,Stoke had a chance of winning but that 1 goal by Tristan lead West Ham to victory.During West Ham's victory,Spurs won with the same results as Jermaine Jenas got Spurs the 3 points.Then Wigan and Bolton had a really tuff but at the end each team got only 1 point.Blues were up next against Fulham, Anelka,Malouda and Drogba gave Chelsea the victory as poor Fulham only got 1 goal by Nevland,so Chelsea got the 3 points they needed.Next City got a chance against Blackburn with a crushing deafeat going City's way.
On Saturday 2 matches were held 1 at Anfield and 1 at the Stadium of Light.At Anfield Liverpool took on Newcastle and at the end Liverpool ended up getting the 3 points with 3 goals by Benayoun,Kuyt and Lucas.After that match Sunderland had guest at the Stadium of Light and the guest were Everton but Sunderland lost at home 2 to nil.Monday 1 match was on,Aston Villa took on the Tigers,Hull City, and luckily Carew got Villa the 3 points.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Bloody Free Kicks

Bloody Free Kicks is a game.My friend made it up and I played it today.It's good but it's really hard because you choose a position to put your football and one or more people stand as a wall and somebody becomes a goalkeeper.If you hit it wide the next person gets to shoot but if the keeper saves it then you play on and if you hit it wide it's the next persons turn but if you score you get 1 goal you score.It's a simple game but it's hard when you play it because when me,Lewis and David played it,we shoot the ball from a far distance.If you want to try it,try it.It's good and could make you better at taking free kicks.The hardest part about it is,if you save you might need to save more shots,if you the keeper.

Monday, 20 April 2009

FlyFreezeanater Part 2

Then the next day a super villain came to town. Jonny heard about it on the news and changed into his super hero costume straight away.When he started fighting Doom he used his freezing ray but it did not work because Doom has the Fire ability and ice is very weak on fire.So Doom was way too strong for FlyFreezenater. When he tried to dodge the Firebolts , he was not fast enough to dodge them. so he when he was just about to quit,Chris came flying in. Chris called himself WaterCatcher because a galactic star crashed into his room too.He has the power to use water to catch a whole bunch of villains. When he used it on Doom, Doom melted straight away. After that FlyFreezeanater and WaterCatcher decided to team up and work together. Since then every villain that came to destroy the world, FlyFreezeanater and WaterCatcher always beat them. The world become a happy place with Johnny and Chris looking after it all the time.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

FlyFreezeanater Part 1

One day a boy named Jonny had a dream to become a super hero and have the powers to fly and freeze at the same time.Then one day his best friend Chris told him that it's impossible to get super powers.So since Jonny and Chris were into gadets and science, Jonny did some research and realised it was possible to get super powers but he did not know how too.So the next day at school he told Chris it was possible but Chris did not believe him so Jonny needed some proof.Then at night a galactic star came crashing down into his bedroom.A galactic star is a power beam that gives you any power you'd like but Jonny has not figured that out yet.Then the next day he found that he got the super powers that he wanted but Chris couldn't believe it at all.Then Jonny told Chris he has made a decision that if any super villain comes to the town he will pretect the town and he will call himself FlyFreezeanater.

To be continued.......

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Two Sleepovers

On Sunday,tomorrow,I am going to sleepover at Abg Nizam's house like usaul.
We are going to have lots of fun but on Monday my friends Lewis and Connor are sleeping over at my house so hopefully we will have a great time.It will be amazing but Connor's coming at 7:45 and Lewis is coming at 8,so we might just have fun in the house.Also I hope Connor and Lewis can stay until the Liverpool vs Chelsea match finishes.
At Abg Nizam's house I'm going to have fun too because we will play his Ps3 and eat alot.Well I hope we eat alot of great food.
So that's probally why I called the title Two Sleepovers.The two sleepovers are going to be amazing so I am going to have a great weekend.Plus an extra bonus me,Connor and Lewis will probally go out.AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Liverpool vs Chelsea Champions League

Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The CRUSHING DEFEAT has finally come!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nooooo!!!!!!
God how can Liverpool lose.I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!At least we scored 1st but we lost 3-1 HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That's very unexpected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Torres scored in the 6th minute,Ivanovic scored twice and both of them were corners and minutes of the goals were 39 and 62.And then on the 67th minute,just 5 minutes later,Drogba the IDIOT scored.
It was 1 of the most CRUSHING DEFEAT that Liverpool has EVER had.
At least I get points for my Champions League Fantasy.
I couldn't believe it but I have to addmit that Liverpool was playing HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's very hard for me to watch the match but I can handle it.
But we can still win at Stanford Bridge but hopefully we can WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!